A large scale meeting, targeting a wide group of AFS volunteers of all backgrounds and ages, is an important need recognised and addressed by EFIL. Next to the usual smaller European training activities for specific volunteer groups, in 2008 EFIL introduced a yearly Summer Summit for all interested AFS volunteers, both from within and outside Europe. A meeting of this shape contributes not only to enriching their skills but also to creating a stronger spirit of international community between national and local volunteers from different countries. The last eight editions of the Volunteer Summer Summit were met with big interest and appreciation of Technicalities the AFS Partners.

AFS Intercultura will be the host of the ninth edition of the event summer 2016.

Event description

The VSS idea assumes bringing together as many AFS volunteers as possible (around 350) in order to share best practices in AFS volunteer work, create personal links between volunteers and to strengthen the spirit of international unity. The general objectives of the Summit concept have been defined as:

ü To increase the awareness of global issues in youth work and create a link to the AFS reality.

ü To explore what Peace Education means in the AFS context and how we Technicalities can integrate more elements in our work with long-term exchange participants.

ü To create awareness towards the need of diversity education in AFS.

ü To motivate volunteers to continue volunteering in an intergenerational group.

ü To give space to best-practice sharing.

ü To create a greater solidarity between volunteers in Europe and beyond and encourage the creation of new international projects.

àThematic focus in 2016: Education for Peace: the challenge of living together ß

The VSS16 wants to give space to best-practice sharing among volunteers and raise awareness for diversity education and its role in AFS. We want to explore peace education and the Technicalities challenge of living together by creating links to the AFS reality. In addition we want to foster the self-reflection process of volunteers and develop a sense of European solidarity among them.


The atmosphere of the Summer Summit will be informal. The idea is that volunteers will attend the Summit during the summer holidays, possibly in the course of their holiday travels. The event will be organised at as low cost as possible to allow volunteers to cover the participation fee on their own. EFIL has already obtained funding from the Council of Europe. Intercultura Italy will contribute to the Technicalities funding of the event. Further funding opportunities will be explored, including crowd-funding.

Composition of the Preparatory Team

The Team will consist of 8 members, representing a variety of AFS organisations, gender, age, experience and competences. The Preparatory team will include:

EFIL Intern, Ingvild Johanne Grini (EFIL)

EFIL Training co-ordinator, Inga Menke (EFIL)

Host office liaison, Sabrina Brunetti (AFS Italy)

Support Team co-ordinator, Claudia Chiaperotti (AFS Italy)

IT expert, Gert Lucas (AFS Germany)

Next to those already recruited, the other 3 members of the Preparatory Team will have specific tasks that they can apply for in this call Technicalities. The members will be chosen based on their competences and experience with the specific tasks. All applicants must:

- Be active volunteers

- Have substantial project management background, ideally on the international level,

- Have previous experience with organising training activities and/or are trainers themselves (but not necessarily EPOT members)

- Be committed to accomplish the tasks listed below

- Be present at the preparatory meeting in January (see dates below) and for the full duration of the VSS, including preparation and evaluation days from the evening of the 28th of July until the afternoon on 6th of August!

General tasks of the Preparatory Technicalities Team

The preparatory team will be entitled and expected to:

- Agree on the detailed schedule for project preparation, implementation and follow-up

- Define specific objectives of this year’s Summer Summit under the theme given

- Develop elements of the programme of the event, define trainers / facilitators needed to lead workshop sessions and coordinate content preparations for the programme

- Contribute to the decisions regarding logistics arrangements and coordinate preparations with the Italian Support Team

- Issue a timely call for participants and ensure sufficient promotion of the Summit (with the help of Member Organisations all over Europe)

- Manage the online recruitment and pre-Summit communication channels with Technicalities participants

- Ensure that the overall shape of the Summit reflects expectations of the European Partners

- Conduct efficient evaluation of the event

- Organise leisure activities and evening programme during the event and be responsible for the overall flow of the event.

Prep Team roles to apply for:

Agrave; Trainer’s coordinator


- Support trainers of the VSS

- Trainer’s travels and arrivals in cooperation with VSS intern

- Teambuilding of the team

- Workshop related logistics

o Lists of material

o TSO feed backing

o Collecting workshop descriptions, certificate texts and outcomes

- Facilitate trainer’s evaluation

- Working with the Support Team coordinator on organizing material and team communication.

- Working with PR and Plenary Technicalities Session Organizer on plenary elements and sharing of outcomes

Special skills:

- Good communication skills

- Should have training experience (national and/or EPOT)

- Facilitation skills

- Should have been a trainer at a previous VSS

Agrave; PR and Design


- Design VSS logo

- Design VSS banner

- Design the VSS Herald (4-5 editions and also writing elements)

- Video filming and making before and during the event

- Take, collect and sort pictures before, during and after the event

- Layout of website and for sponsor letters

- Design T-shirts

- Welcome pack with sponsored material in cooperation with EFIL and AFS Intercultura

- Cooperation with the PR and Plenary Session Organiser on social media channel promotion and the VSS Herald

Special skills:

- Good Technicalities English writing and communication skills

- Good knowledge of design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and video editing software (making and editing videos) and ideally access to them

- Interest / Experience in planning marketing strategies and social media in cooperation with the prep team

- Self-driven and committed

- Experience with designing logos, t-shirts and/or banners (layout skills) are an asset

Agrave; PR and Plenary Session Organiser


- Social media promotion before, during and after the event

- The VSS Herald (writing and proof-reading in collaboration with the PR and Design person)

- Organise plenary sessions (making a clear outline/script for plenaries)

- Work with Technicalities trainers’ team coordinator on relevant plenary elements and sharing of outcomes

- Ideas for decoration

Special skills:

- Good English writing and communication skills

- Experience and comfortable with being a public speaker

- Good at detailed planning and timing

We are aware that a lot these tasks seem challenging. You do not need all the skills to apply; the VSS is also a learning opportunity, as long as you are committed.


The Preparatory Team is expected to co-operate mainly through long-distance communication tools (e-mail, skype, phone, Slack etc.) during the 10 upcoming months, including a necessary follow-up stage of the Summit. The Team will Technicalities work according to a working schedule agreed upon within the Team members. It is to be noted that being a part of the prep team requires a considerable time commitment, especially in the period between February and August 2016.

The in-person Preparatory Meeting will take place at this year’s venue San Servolo, Venice, Italy ( from 15th-17th January 2016 and all prep team members have to participate. The presence at the Summer Summit itself (dates: 30th - 4th of August) is required, including arrival 2 days before and departure 2 days after the end of the Technicalities event (arrival evening 27th of July, departure afternoon 6th of August 2015). Whoever is not able to take part in the full duration or attend the preparatory meeting, cannot be part of the prep team.


All justified costs related to the Preparatory Team work and their participation in the Summit will be covered from the project budget. The candidates should apply by filling in the form attached form.

EFIL and the whole European network hope very much for the success of the next Volunteer Summer Summit and for another rewarding experience of the Preparatory Team members!

CALL for Technicalities MEMBERS OF THE PREPARATORY TEAM ¨ EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit teams Venice, Italy, 30th July - 4th of August 2016

Please type

First Name:
Last Name:
Organisation: Nationality:
Full home address:
Date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY): ☐ Male ☐ Female
Special dietary or other needs:
☐ I have been a participant at a VSS ☐ I have been a trainer at a VSS ☐ I have been a Support Team member at a VSS ☐ I have been a Prep Team member at the VSS - if yes, please specify your tasks: ☐ I am an EPOT member ☐ I have coordinated national events - If Technicalities yes, please specify the event type and no. of participants:

Please check which role, you are applying for (only 1) ☐ Trainer’s coordinator ☐ PR and Design ☐ PR and Plenary Session Organiser Please reply briefly: 1. What is your experience and current role in your AFS organisation? 2. Have you had any experience of managing/organising a project of a similar scale as the Summer Summit? What was your responsibility/role? Please explain. 3. Why do you want to be a Prep Team member? What are your qualifications in regard to the role, you are applying for? 4. Please describe your availability during the 10 upcoming months. Please take Technicalities into account your other engagements, access to online communication and availability for in-person meetings. 5. Describe your strengths and weaknesses - How can you contribute to a team? 6. Please indicate your availability between January 14th –18th 2015 and share your availability from January to August in general: Signature: ________________________ Date: _________________

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